Problem with AOL Desktop to AOL Gold Upgrade

Download AOL Gold

AOL Desktop Gold is the latest version of the AOL Desktop software. AOL Gold can be accessed if you have the AOL premium membership. When people upgrade from older software to something which new and upgraded, there are times when the users face some minor issues. The same goes for AOL Desktop users. AOL Desktop users face difficulties while upgrading to AOL Gold. There can be several reasons behind this malfunction. The main components of this malfunction would be the system not being compatible with the software upgrade, Network issue while upgrading, malfunctioning of the router or even issue with the AOL Desktop Gold software itself. It is always good to know about the common issue that is associated with the software that you use prominently. If not today, you might face this issue in the future, so it is good to be prepared. Moreover, it is always good to stay updated, so if you face this issue while you download AOL Desktop Gold you can follow the given steps to troubleshoot.

How to resolve AOL Desktop Gold upgrade issue?

The problem that you would come across while upgrading to AOL Desktop Gold can be avoided if you keep a few things in mind. The essential things to look out for has been given below:

System requirement

Before you upgrade to AOL Desktop Gold, it would be ideal for you to once check the system requirements for AOL Desktop Gold to be compatible with your system. If you ignore this step and by any chance, your system does not fulfill the system requirements you would have to face compatibility error. So it is essential that you find out whether your system would be able to run the software.

Internet Connection

To get the best out of your AOL Desktop Gold software it is essential that you use the ADSL modem router. ADSL modem router best support the AOL Desktop Gold software as the ADSL modem comes with adjustable settings.

Accurate steps for installation according to your membership plan

If you have the trial AOL Gold membership plan follow the given steps:

  • Navigate to the AOL official website and create a new AOL account.
  • Then log in using your account credentials
  • Go to ‘Manage My Subscription’ section and select the premium subscription tab
  • Find and click the ‘Get Started’ button
  • You would then get a confirmation mail with the download link of AOL Desktop Gold
  • Download the file from the link
  • Double click on the file and Install AOL Desktop Gold, follow the instruction that is given on the screen and completes the process of installation.

If you follow the given steps you would be successful in avoiding any error while upgrading to AOL Desktop Gold and would be able to enjoy the prime features this software offers.