Cant set AOL Desktop Gold as Default Browser or Email Client

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AOL desktop gold may be the favorite application in your computer that provides you greater access to the internet and help you to browse the internet more interestingly. Now it may help you if you set AOL desktop as the default browser or email client. It will save some time and provide you easy access to your favorite application. Once you download AOL desktop gold, there are several reasons that can create some issue and prevent you from setting the AOL desktop as your default browser. If you are facing a similar situation, then you are on the right page as you can easy solution with easy steps.

Steps to setup AOL desktop gold as the default browser or email client:

You can easily follow these steps to set up your AOL desktop gold application as a default browser or email client. This process is quite easy to help you, and you can easily get the solution.

  • First of all, log in to your AOL desktop gold account
  • You need to put exact username and password to log in
  • Once you log in you will settings option on the home page
  • Go to settings and click on the general option on the left side of the panel
  • Then select the mark default option to set up the AOL as the default browser or email client
  • Once you click on mark default, a new window will appear asking you default apps from the list
  • You need to click web browser or email section to choose the AOL desktop from the given list
  • Then press the ok button to confirm the changes, and now you can log in to AOL desktop gold.

Fix the issue if not able to set up as the default browser or email client:

The above method is a common solution to setup AOL as the default browser or email client, but some factor resists you to do so. Now you can apply these solutions to get rid of the issue:

  • You can scan your AOL desktop gold to remove any suspicious element
  • You need to remove corrupt files or malware from your AOL desktop gold to fix the issue
  • You can also process a full scan to your computer with the help of installed antivirus program

In case all these solutions prove ineffective then you have to uninstall your AOL desktop gold software and then again install AOL desktop gold to continue the easy access of great services. Now, this blog has provided you all the possible solution with focused and easy steps that hopefully will solve your issue and can make you relax and easy.