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AOL Desktop Gold is a software that provides a one-stop solution to all the needs of the users like email, browsing, searching, instant messaging conversation etc. The developers have ensured that the premium software must be more user-friendly and should also have a lot more added features. They have also given a lot of importance to security making sure that users are protected from any kind of cyber threats

AOL Desktop Gold Help and Troubleshooting center

The times when people used to open different software for viewing various things is long gone. With the introduction of AOL Desktop Gold, users experience has been enhanced a lot. The developers have focused on providing users with software which they would feel worth spending money on. The AOL Desktop Gold software offers numerous themes along with a friendly interface which enables ultimate user experience. AOL Desktop Gold is a way more progressive software than the AOL Desktop. They have given their prime focus on solving the common snags that AOL Desktop used to encounter, along with which they have enriched the speed, features, and the toolbar. One can easily download AOL Desktop Gold by visiting their official website.

Despite working on improving the snags that this software comes across, some complexities are still left behind. Issues like the software not working or there being some kind of issue during installation is errors that users mostly encounter. Most often the efforts of people trying to troubleshoot the issues that they have encountered have gone in vain. So instead of wasting the valuable time, users are always advised to take assistance from trained professionals.


Users are entitled with special advantaged of using such a mind-blowing software which takes security as seriously as any other feature. From screenshot capturing to alerts of suspicious websites, there are several things that this software provides you with. You are completely missing out on all these features if you don’t have this software on your device. The users are always advised to take note of the minimum requirements that this software requires before you actually install AOL Desktop Gold. Having said all this, there are no other operating systems that would support the install of AOL Desktop Gold software apart from Windows and Mac. There is no comparison that can be done with this software, as the features that this software provides are just class apart.

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aol desktop gold

AOL Desktop Gold

AOL Desktop Gold is the ideal mix of several essentials at one point. This eases out on a lot of efforts of the users. This software provides you with speedy, reliable and up to date services. The things that the users can do along with this software is innumerable.

aol email

AOL Email

It is one of the most efficient email services that are available in the market. It provides users with safe, user-friendly features. They also allow users to customize their experience by using several mind-blowing features. This service gives the user a lot of storage to save their important emails.

aol app


User convenience is what the AOL app has a prime focus on. Users can now access this app on their mobile phones. This app is supported on Android devices as wells iOS. By installing this app you can save yourself from the complications of using a computer.

Amazing features

That AOL Desktop Gold brings to the users

Convenient to install and download: The process of downloading and installing this software this very easy with the help of step by step instructions.

Chat Room: This software provides its users with a great feature of connecting with people via chat. Personal chat rooms are also available.

Accessibility to play Pogo Games: This software allows the users to play various games ranging from puzzles to racing.

Managing AOL Email: Users are endowed with the feature of accessing their AOL email. They can send and receive emails, attachments and a lot more.

Smooth browsing of the web: Access the web through AOL Desktop Gold is utterly smooth and easy. There are no limitations to browse the uninterrupted web.

Ability to print from AOL Gold: If there is something you have come across, be it a web page or an important document. You can simply print it out using this program.

Empowering Password Manager: The user has full control over the software, hold the ability to enable or disable the password manager on this software.

Anti-Key Logging window: This software always ensures that your data is safe. This feature hides the letters and characters that you type.

Suspicion Alerts: When the user browses on the web, there are chances that they might end up on insecure sites. This software provides users with prominent alerts when this happens.

Screenshot Capturing: This software restricts other websites and online programs from taking screenshots of your information.

Download process of AOL Desktop Gold

If you wish to enjoy to elite features that this software brings to the users, you would have to download AOL Desktop Gold. To do so follow the given steps:

New with AOL

If you are new to the AOL world, you would initially have to create an AOL account and take the required membership.
  • Navigate to the official website of AOL using a web browser
  • Now you would have to create a new account, provide all the information that would be required to create a new account.
  • After you have successfully created a new account, login into your account using your credentials.
  • After you have logged into your account, opt for a suitable membership as per your budget.
  • Now login to the AOL email service and look for a message in the email which says ‘Start with AOL Desktop Gold’
  • After you open the message, use the link in the message to AOL Desktop Gold Download.
  • When you have successfully downloaded the file, run the setup to initiate the installation process.
  • Continue and follow the instruction that is being provided on the screen and complete the installation.
  • When the installation process is complete, you can enjoy all the features of AOL Desktop Gold.

Already an AOL member

If you are already an AOL member you can download AOL Desktop Gold software by going to the AOL Benefits section in your AOL account.
  • Log in to your AOL account using your login credentials
  • Navigate to the AOL Benefits section in your AOL account
  • Search and find AOL Desktop Gold and opt to download
  • When the download is complete, you can install the software using the same method that was mentioned above.

System Requirements to download, install and upgrade AOL Desktop Gold

Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Mac

Processor: 266 MHz or faster

Screen Resolution: 1024×768 or higher screen resolution

Memory: 1 GB RAM, 512 MB free Hard Disk space

Internet: Strong and Stable internet connection

General Issue that the users of AOL Desktop Gold face

The common issues that the AOL Desktop Gold users come across are as below:

  • Difficulty in installing AOL Desktop Gold
  • Problem while trying to login to AOL account using Microsoft Outlook
  • AOL icon missing
  • AOL Gold automatic update not working
  • Issue in accessing AOL email on AOL Desktop Gold
  • Auto-update of AOL Gold not functioning
  • Error code 104 on AOL Desktop Gold
  • Operating System and Software compatibility issue
  • Unable to access games on AOL Desktop Gold
  • Malfunction while trying to setup AOL Desktop Gold as the default browser
  • AOL Desktop Gold non-responsive
  • AOL Desktop Gold not opening
  • Upgrade issue with AOL Desktop Gold
genral issue